Virtual Private Servers

Complete control and dedicated resources at a fraction of the cost

Our high specification Virtual Private Servers give you increased control

Our VPS solutions are great for websites that are growing and need a reliable infrastructure to run






Why not let us manage your server with our Fully Managed Server hosting from only /month!

A selection of Server Operating Systems to choose from

All of our VPS plans allow you to select your preferred operating system when building your server







A choice of Management Control Panels for your server

Everything about your virtual private server is customisable, including which management control panel you would like to use

cPanel is the industry standard control panel and comes with commercial support.

ISPConfig 3 is a free panel for Linux and comes with community based support.

Webmin is a free interface for system administration and offers community based support.

A number of Additional Features for your VPS

Reboot, Shutdown, Power Status, Operating System Reinstallation, Control Panel Installation, Boot into Rescue System, Network Graphs, Sensor Graphs, VNC Console and more..

A selection of Enterprise Backup Solutions for your VPS

A SnapShot is a copy of the VPS, exactly as it is at the moment the SnapShot is taken. Like SnapShop backups, CDP starts by taking a full SnapShot of your data BUT also allows individual files, databases, directories or the entire SnapShot to be restored.

1 FREE daily SnapShot is included with all standard VPS packages and allows you to restore your entire server in seconds.

Unlimited daily SnapShots allows you to backup & restore your entire servers SnapShot as many times as you like.

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) allows you to restore individual files, databases, directories or the entire server SnapShot.

Managaed VPS Setup Available

Let QuickHostUK setup and security harden your VPS.

Security harden server config and change SSH port

Install antimalware/antivirus/rootkit software

Install a hardened and adaptive firewall

Close all unneeded ports

Disable root logins

Our Standard VPS Features

Instant Provisioning

Start/Stop/Restart VPS

OS Change/Reinstall

Upload your own ISO

Includes SSD & RAID Protection

IPv4 & IPv6 with rDNS Control

Full 'root' Server Access

A Choice OS's & Control Panels

HTML5 SSH/VNC with API Access

Includes Rescue Mode

True KVM Virtualization

VPS DDoS Protection

Top reasons to use QuickHostUK for your VPS hosting

Quality, reliability, exceptional customer service and top rate technical expertise are synonymous with our brand


We performance tune and security harden all VPS packages using the latest technologies.


Our service is independently monitored with a proven uptime record of over 99.999%.


We use instantly scalable infrastructure so your package can grow when you need it.


Genuine 24x7 support with response times of just minutes not hours like some providers.

Learn why we are an Industry Leading Provider of VPS hosting solutions

With years of experience providing website hosting, we have established a reputation of leadership within the web hosting business

Our Own Private Rack Space

We have our own private rack space within the data centre and own all of our own equipment. This ensures that we are able to proactively manage and protect our infrastructure instead of relying on a third party provider.

Engineers Onsite 24/7

We have onsite technical engineers available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. If a problem occurs, you can rest assured that we have a team of experts available to respond immediately, no matter what day or time it is.

In-house Support Center

Whenever you contact us, you can be assured that you are talking to a member of our team. By having a dedicated support centre, we are able to quickly resolve any issues you may encounter.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you make an informed decision, we've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions relating to the products and services listed on this page.

If you can't find the answer to your question or if you would like more information about it, please feel free to contact us at any time and we'll be happy to help you.

Submit Your Questions
A VPS or 'virtual private server' is usually used to host websites and/or apps - including online shops, blogs, software applications or anything else. In contrast to web hosting plans, a VPS will isolate the customers applications within a single virtual server that is dedicated to the one customer. This virtual server shares physical resources such as CPU/RAM/SSD Disks with other virtual servers, but the entire share of these resources is dedicated to it.
Anyone with minimum technical skills can use a VPS. It's ideal to understand how to use the OS and/or Control Panel you will be installing on your VPS. The QuickHostUK guides can help you find the answers to your technical questions. If you need a powerful hosting system based on guaranteed resources but don't want to deal with server administration, we recommend the QuickHostUK cPanel VPS Power Web Hosting.
Web Hosting is ideal for most personal websites such as blogs and portfolios. Our cPanel VPS Power Web Hosting bridges the gap between Web Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Servers. Both Web Hosting and QuickHostUK's cPanel VPS Power Web Hosting provide a fully managed hosting experience. VPS are perfect for busier sites that are reaching the limits of the Web Hosting package. Dedicated Servers are needed when a site or app is very busy or demanding. Like a VPS it allows total control of the environment and allows you to build more complex architectures and solutions such as load balancers or firewalls.
Yes QuickHostUK offer instant VPS activation and easy 1-click setup of the most popular control panels. You'll have your VPS up and running in no time.
All QuickHostUK VPS are hosted in the UK. Our site is served by multiple carriers including BT, KCOM, Virgin Media and Level 3 all of whom are able to offer 10Gb/s connections onsite. In addition to this we are able to offer our own high speed blend of IP transit onsite. Our upstream carriers include NTT, Level 3 as well as various peering agreements in place at the London Internet Exchange (LINX).
You are free to use your QuickHostUK virtual private server (VPS) as you wish and to install any software of your choice, subject to the content being legal. As VPS share a physical host, every user has a quota for each resource such as CPU, RAM, SSD Disks, etc. In line with our fair usage policy, we reserve the right to put a VPS in slow mode if used in any way that poses a threat to the stability of our infrastructure. Intensive and continuous usage of the CPU from Crypto Mining, for example, could trigger this process.

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