Why choose QuickHostUK Fully Managed Hosting?

Your site – Speed, Reliability, Security – do you have it?

Over time we have taken on-board some very valuable customer feedback which today still could not be more true and in fact is now even more important. This can be summed up into 3 primary categories.

  1. Speed
  2. Reliability
  3. Security

With this in mind we set to create a hosting solution with these primary concepts at it’s core. The problem is, with shared hosting the shared servers are well optimised to run a vast range of sites and applications. As such it can never be fine tuned for your specific needs and your sites and applications will never run as fast they are truly capable of. This is also true for reliability and security.

With the QuickHostUK Fully Managed Hosting solution your site will be hosted on its own secure server with guaranteed resources & dedicated IP. We will fully manage the servers Network, Hardware, OS, Security, Software, Optimisation & Monitoring to suit your needs.

So, your next question is.. Do I need this?

Speed – Do you need your website and applications to be fast?

Recent BBC research found more than half of us won’t wait more than 3 seconds for a web page to load before moving on and trying somewhere else. According to research from digital performance measurement firm Dynatrace, just a half second difference in page load times can make a 10% difference in sales for an online retailer. Also with Google now starting to factor in page speed when ranking websites, it’s critical that a site is on a suitable hosting platform to deliver a fast and responsive user experience.
Source – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-37100091

Fully Managed Hosting – Blazing Fast Performance
With 100% pure SSD storage (no old spinning disks), Gigabit network and the latest Dell and CISCO hardware, your websites and applications will run noticeably faster.

Fully Managed Hosting – Website Optimisation and Tuning
We will build your Fully Managed server with your specific site in mind, optimising it purly to suit your application. Fully Managed servers can be used to run any popular CMS systems like Magento2, WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal. They can be fine tuned to get the absolute best page loading speeds possible while also increasing reliability and concurrency

Fully Managed Hosting – Better Uptime Reliability
As you do not share your Fully Managed server with other customers, you essentially eliminate the “bad neighbour effect”. For example, you may have taken steps to protect your site against DDoS attacks. However if there is another customer on the shared server that has not, and they do become a target of a DDoS attack it can quickly saturate the network links making the shared server unavailable until the attack can be mitigated by us, and hence your site will be unavailable for the duration due to another customer.

Fully Managed Hosting – Highly Secure
As mentioned above your Fully Managed server is not shared with any other customers. It is dedicated to you, with your own CPU, RAM, SSD Disk Space, IP addresses, Adaptive Firewall, and is all fully managed by us.

Fully Managed Hosting – Scalable and Flexible
Fully Managed servers can start smaller than a typical dedicated server, yet scale through a limitless pool of resources when demand requires. You only pay for the resources you need at any given time.

Fully Managed Hosting – Managed by our Experts
You can treat your Fully Managed server just like any other shared hosting account, no additional knowledge is required. It boasts the industry standard cPanel control panel that you are already used to from shared hosting. All of this with the QuickHostUK team managing and monitoring your server in the background.

Fully Managed Hosting – Free Migration
Our experienced engineers will manage the migration of your existing website onto your Fully Managed server seamlessly at no additional cost.

We’ll also perform a FREE website performance benchmark to ensure your new Fully Managed server delivers the maximum benefit and turbo charges your sites performance.

You can read more at – https://www.quickhostuk.com/fully-managed-web-hosting/


Fully Managed Hosting Features

With QuickHostUK Fully Managed Hosting your site will be hosted on its own secure server with guaranteed resources & dedicated IP.

Managed, Secured, Monitored

We fully manage the servers Network, Hardware, OS, Security, Software, Optimisation & Monitoring.

Instant Upgrades

Instantly scale up or down according to demand. This is a huge befit over traditional dedicated servers.

Fast SSD Hosting

We use enterprise grade SSD disks which are up-to 30% faster that HDD for optimal performance.

Free Migration Service

Let us handle the migration from your old host to your new fully managed server.

Data Protection

We utilise redundant RAID 10 arrays with battery-backed non-volatile caching to protect your data.

Hourly Backups

We use the industry standard R1Soft Backup software to provide you with Continuous Data Protection (CDP).

Why choose QuickHostUK hosting?

With our competitive pricing, UK based support and instant account setup you will be up and running in minutes.

Fantastic Value

Our aggressively competitive pricing, mixed with our high-end hosting platforms (from the front-end control panels to the back-end network that delivers your service) gives you the best possible experience.

Professional Support

We offer fast, friendly, professional support via our support ticketing system and live chat. Need help or just general advice? We will always offer honest impartial advice so feel free to get in touch.

Instant Setup

With QuickHostUK you’ll be up & running in no time and it doesn’t stop there! All of our services are designed from the ground up to make managing your hosting as simple as possible.

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