Our solutions include LiteSpeed Optimised Moodle Hosting at reasonable prices

We include LiteSpeed and LSCache as standard


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Accelerate Websites

Half website loading times and double visitor concurrency

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Built-in Security

Mitigates DDoS, Moodle Brute Force, and other attacks

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24/7 Dedicated Support

Response times of just minutes not hours like some providers

Optimised Moodle Hosting Features


LiteSpeed Cache for Moodle

All-in-One Acceleration Solution

The LiteSpeed Cache plugin is so much more than a cache-management plugin. It's packed with a variety of features designed to deliver superior performance to your Moodle sites.

  • Server-Level Full-Page Cache
  • Private Cache
  • Edge Side Includes (ESI)
  • Image Optimization
  • Crawler
  • CSS/JavaScript/HTML Minification
  • CSS/JavaScript Combination
  • HTTP/2 Push
  • Content Delivery Network Support
  • Browser Cache Support
  • Lazy Load Images
  • Database Optimization

LiteSpeed Cache is Compatible With Your Favorite Plugins

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One Stop Web Acceleration Solution


Additional Hosting Features

Faster Page Speed

Our servers are performance optimised for Moodle and plugins

E-Commerce Caching

Accelerate Moodle and Moodle E-Commerce plugins

Built-in Security

Mitigates DDoS, Moodle Brute Force, and other attacks

Hourly Backups

We backup your data every 6 hours keeping 56 variants for 2 weeks

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

QuickHostUK support Let’s Encrypt FREE automated SSL certificates

Free Migration

Let our migration experts move your Moodle site from an existing host